Cool Mom Pick’s Valentine’s Day Contest

I’m so excited to be entering a few designs into the Cool Mom Pick’s Valentine’s Day Design Contest! A friend of mine forwarded the Valentine Day contest to me and I couldn’t resist creating a cute, color-your-own-card for kids! Really…. Valentine’s Day EQUALS massive amounts of hearts AND adding hearts to ANYTHING just makes things happy, don’t you think?

Cool Mom’s blog is teaming up with and throwing this contest. The winner has their work posted on Etsy’s site for others to purchase and 100% of all the profits will go towards the Children’s Heart Foundation. Such a great way to use our creative talents for an awesome cause!

No matter if my artwork gets chosen or not, I absolutely LOVED, LOVED creating these designs! I think I may have found a new venture…creating coloring books. How FUN would that be?!?

I plan to post these cards, black & white and color, onĀ my Etsy site in the next couple of days for purchasing. I’ve ordered bright red envelopes to go along with them! I will let you know as soon as they are UP!

So, without rambling on and on,… I’ll get to the good stuff!

“love bugs”

“bee mine”

“you are my cupcake…”

You’re only allowed to add up to 3 designs. The above designs: “lovebugs”, “bee mine”, and “cupcake” are the ones I’m choosing to enter, but here’s another one I did. After many votes, “my valentine” was the design that was omitted, but I do still think it’s pretty cute too!

“my valentine”

So adorable and SO fun!

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7 Responses to “Cool Mom Pick’s Valentine’s Day Contest”

  1. Becky Says:

    I have to admit that they’re cute, even though I’m a total Scrooge about V-day!

  2. ann Says:

    Good Work. These are super cute. I entered the contest to and found my way here through the comments section. Very nice!

  3. Carina Says:

    Yay! You entered! So glad that you did :) These are super cute!

  4. megan Says:

    so adorable and creative! you have amazing talent! i hope you win!

  5. Ginette Says:

    i LOVE the cupcake one to pieces! So cute!

  6. Holly C. Says:

    now i think i need a valentine…. JUST for an excuse to get these cards!

  7. ebooks free Says:

    Great Post and Blog, deserve share.

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