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Brandywine Summit: The home of bright colors and gaudy lawn ornaments….LOVE

June 3, 2010

I promise this is my last post on Brandywine Summit! But, check it out… the most wonderfully, gaudy lawn ornaments you’ve ever seen and the brightest cottages you’ll ever lay eyes on.

Love the purple and orange cottages. Have you EVER seen a home painted purple or orange? I have not. Divine!!

Adorable shutters.

“L” is for Lydia! Or “L” is for Ladies,…which marks the bathroom at Brandywine Summit.

Where’s the gnome? I feel like a gnome belongs here…

This totally looks like my parents beagle, Chance. Except it’s a wood carving stuck in the grass. Wooo!

Love the red dinner bell at Biddle Dining Hall. We used to walk to the dining hall, as a family, on Saturday evenings for potlucks. With 5 kids, my family always arrived late and all I remember were the cold baked beans and dried up hotdogs being the ONLY stuff left when we finally got there. YUM! Not. Ha! BUT, I do remember ice cream socials at night and there being blackberry ice cream (my dad’s favorite). YUM to that, for sure!

I might want to copy this quote. I found it hanging on the outside of someones cottage.

And lastly, “Christ in you, the hope of glory”. LOVE this verse, Colossians 1:27…reminds me especially of my older brother, Luke, who is known to write this everywhere.

And this completes the edition of Nostalgia: Brandywine Summit. Thanks for going down memory lane with me!


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