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My little [big] brother

June 15, 2010

My little [BIG] brothers. *I laugh* When I was in my freshman year of college, my roommate used to *laugh* at me. You see, when I’d talk about my family, I’d talk about my “little” brothers. I have 2 younger brothers, an older brother, and an older sister. That equals five children in my family (counting me!). Yes, I know, HOW did my mother do it?!

When I spoke of my “little” brothers, my friend said she always envisioned these small boys. Little. Equaling: young, small, children, kids. Well yes, I guess you can say she was surprised and thought it was hilarious when she came to meet them and they were NOT little, but the exact opposite….taller, bigger than me! Young men.

Can you understand what I’m getting at?? Maybe not,… let me explain. They ARE my “little” brothers, they are younger than me. I’ve always been their older sister. But, to the rest of the world, especially after all those years (I’m no longer a freshman in college, that’s for sure!), they are MEN. They are strong. They have wives, their own family units now. My little brothers are no longer little. They have grown.

I love my family. I love my three brothers with all my heart. And I love my precious sister. And, now they are all grown and married with spouses of their own. I am SO  thankful for each of their spouses who love each of them so perfectly and fit them so well. I treasure their new wives and husband. I could write about all of them,…but today I have to address my youngest, littlest brother.

Meet my youngest brother,… littlest brother who joined the Army almost 2 years ago. Meet his wife. His adorable wife, who has stood by his side those 2 years and even before that….for many years. I could tell you of their  story, which is insanely romantic and makes you get butterflies in your stomach just hearing about it or I could tell you of the depth of who they are. The commitment they share, the love they have for eachother and the Lord, the strength and endurance they continue to hold onto each day…but I can’t begin to even get into all of that. You’ll have to talk to them.

For now, I will just tell you that my “little” brother has grown up. He is a man. He’s joined the Army, he’s married his sweetheart, he’s been deployed to Afghanistan.

And even though he’s a man, married, and grown,…I love him still. He’s my brother. He’s precious to me. And I’m thankful for him.

Ok, now that the tears have subsided (deep breath), I have to share this letter I wrote… a good old fashioned letter.

It felt good. Maybe, in a way, an outlet for me? A way to express myself, coming to terms with where he is,…

It was his birthday,….a birthday in Afghanistan. I wonder how it felt.

He’s going through so much that I will not even begin to understand or know. But, I do know this. He is brave and there are many many other men, who have family out there missing them also, that are sacrificing SO much for US. THAT, my friends, should be appreciated.

Even though you’ve grown, you are still my little brother. Thank you for all you’re doing. I love you, Sethie.


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