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Ruby’s Room

June 24, 2010

We now have a home. Which means I was able to put together Ruby’s room, for the final time, with no fears of having to pack it all up again for another move. Whoo hoo!

This was our third and final move since Ruby came into existence. Our first move being when I found out I was pregnant with her. Our second move to an apartment for short term living, while we hunted for a home. And our final move to our new home! Ahhh….the relief of being in a place for as long as we desire. To decorate how we choose. To nail holes wherever we like. To live. So nice.

So, my first item on the agenda was Ruby’s room. I had decorated her room before she was born, but then packed everything away when we moved the second time, knowing it wasn’t worth it to hang everything up, just to pack it back up a few months down the road.

So, here is a view of her room now. Settled. Unpacked. Mostly complete.

Play area- This is actually a closet with sliding doors. For some reason there were electrical outlets in the closet , which seemed totally random, but I ended up making use of the space turning it into another little nook, with a cute lamp, hanging lanterns (which we used at her baby shower), and alphabet cards to decorate the inside closet walls.

The sweet little measuring tape was given by J’s aunt, which we’ve already started using to record Ruby’s height! And, the precious little feet above are Ruby’s at 6 months, made at our local ceramic shop.

Another view of Ruby’s play area. The alphabet mat was given to us, as well as the glider (which is holding a blanket of mine from when I was a baby!). The artwork behind the rocking chair was done by me way back in high school. And the handprints above Ruby’s foot plaque are J’s from when he was 2 and 5 years old… his mom was AMAZING at saving things from when he was a child!

Ruby’s Dresser- This is one of my favorites! We just purchased this dresser and attached beveled mirror at an antique store while my parents were visiting last month. Before that, we had all of Ruby’s clothing in baskets. It was starting to get ridiculous, especially with her pulling them out every time I turned my back on her! Cute little stinker!! Needless to say, it’s wonderful to be able to organize her clothing in drawers. And I just love the old, shabby chic look of it, as well as the glass knobs and little girl feel. So precious!

Framed photos of sweet baby Ruby, as well as a few preggo pics of me. Gorgeous photography above the mirror was done by Ginette Sundin of Sundin Photography. Look her up! She is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

When I was pregnant and nesting with Ruby in my belly, I made these curtains. I love them. I love the black, white, and hot pink colors. Sweet and girly, but still not your typical pale baby pink.

I even went crazy and sewed a few pillows. The one placed in the glider (previous picture) matches the curtains and these above are fun polka dots patterns with pink shades of grosgrain ribbon sewed on. Sweet polka dot chair purchased at Pottery Barn Kids.

Ruby’s Changing Area- hooks to the left purchased on sale at Anthropologie, shelves from Aaron Brothers using the 40% off coupons, and changing table from craigslist! Her framed invitations made their debut on the wall, as well as the letters I made while pregnant with her. Cute, random trinkets given by various family and friends.

I love my baby girls room. And even if she is no longer a baby but now a toddler, I do believe she is enjoying it too!


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