Disaster in the Kitchen

So sorry for having Jen’s regular Friday post up so late,… A spur of the moment trip up to Lake Tahoe left me completely disorganized last week! Hope you can still enjoy reading this Monday post by Jen… I sure did!


I read about these Sea Salt Caramel Brownies on The Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen website and thought they sounded divine. The thought of making caramel kinda scared me, but I was ready for the challenge. I guess it just hit me that I’m not some newly married chick who needs to stick to the basics. It might be good for me to try some new things. So I set out to make these brownies. I didn’t have a candy thermometer, but the recipe tells you how you can eyeball it if you don’t have one. I was so impressed with myself. I made a delicious caramel my very first try. It was the right consistency and the right flavor. I wanted to make more to keep around for ice cream sundaes, but I figured I’d save that for another day. The brownies were very good. The only complaint I have is that I could never get them to firm up. They always stayed pretty mushy in the middle. It was more of a molten lava cake than a brownie, but that’s all right with me. And my husband sure wasn’t complaining…he loved them.

Since these were so delicious, I decided to make them when I had company over. This time, I decided to make the caramel and then just follow the directions on the brownie box instead of following the special instructions for the box mix brownies in the recipe. I thought maybe they would firm up better this way. I started to make the caramel. I thought I waited until just the right time to take it off the heat, but unfortunately I left it on a little too long. The caramel was burnt. I thought about giving up, but I remembered about how well it turned out the last time I made them, and at that point, plain brownies sounded sooo boring. So, I attempted it again. This time I kept stirring the water/ sugar mixture. I kept stirring and stirring and stirring and finally it turned the nice beautiful caramel color. I took the pot off of the burner. But what in the world was all that white stuff in my caramel? It looked perfect minus some mystery white swirls floating in the pot. And then I pulled my (should I dare admit this?) RUBBER spatula out of the beautiful caramel. Let’s just say I pulled what was left of my rubber spatula out of the caramel. Yes, you guessed it. My white rubber spatula had completed melted into the candy. Another caramel disaster. It must have just had beginner’s luck. Frustrated, I took out a pan of leftover cookies to my guests and called it a night.

All this to say, if you’re up for a delicious combination of salty and sweet, you should take the challenge and make these caramel brownies. But just be prepared to fail a time or two. Candy making takes some talent, but it’s worth it when you get it right!

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One Response to “Disaster in the Kitchen”

  1. Bekah Craig Says:

    Well, if they are as delicious as the cookies, you know who else will want to try them! The melting spatula happened to me, too, about a week ago! What is it with these pitiful rubber spatulas? Enjoyed your post!

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