The Letterpress Debut: Abbey’s Invitation Set

Abbey’s wedding invitation set.

As promised,…a follow up to last weeks letterpress debut.

Letter-pressed invitation and envelope, as well as letter-pressed response card and envelope,…the invitation and response card were cut with a rounded edge, using a die-cut.

With some direction from Abbey in terms of the design and feel she was hoping for, I was able to create this hand drawn calligraphy style just for her.

It was a font I had never written with before, but have ABSOLUTELY fallen in LOVE with and will be offering to other clients.

On top of the invitation sets, I also hand addressed each envelope with a matching grey gouache ink. It was SO incredibly special to create these invitations from start to finish and to finish the entire package from FULL letterpress to custom hand drawn calligraphy to addressing the envelopes.

THANK YOU, Natalie and Abbey…for allowing me do this job for YOU, for being SO creative and tasteful, for being patient with me as I learned the letterpress process, and for simply being AMAZING. You are both so incredibly talented,…and I was SO incredibly HAPPY to do these for you. You were part of bringing Lydia’s Pen and Paper to a WHOLE new level. THANK YOU! xoxo….

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One Response to “The Letterpress Debut: Abbey’s Invitation Set”

  1. Ginette Sundin Says:

    The letterpress you are doing is PHENOMENAL, my jaw is to the floor.

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