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Here Comes The Bridesmaid

August 21, 2010

Hope you enjoy reading Jen’s regular Friday post! Enjoy her beautiful wedding pictures too!

xo, Lydia

Canon in D starts playing. The bridesmaids proceed down the aisle. Next up is the matron of honor. But wait, where is she? Oh, there she is in the wheelchair. Nine months pregnant and unable to walk down the aisle at her own sister’s wedding. What a shame.

So this didn’t really happen. But my sister used to joke about how funny it would be if I was nine months pregnant and had to be pushed down the aisle in a wheelchair. She would crack herself up just picturing the scene. And years later, I will be 6 months pregnant at her wedding. Much better than 9 months, but still! I was on bed rest for quite a while with my son, so the whole wheelchair thing didn’t seem out of the range of possibilities. But so far, so good. I’m not in a wheelchair….yet!

My sister’s wedding is the first of three weddings that I’m going to be a bridesmaid in this fall. My brother and a good friend are also getting married. And despite the fact that I will have a rather large tummy in all the pictures, I am so excited about the weddings. I love going to weddings. I love seeing how people decorate, what the wedding party wears, what food they serve, what music they play, and that priceless look on the groom’s face when he gets a glimpse of his soon-to-be wife. Attending other weddings always makes me think back to my own wedding. I think about my favorite parts of the service, the vows my husband and I made to one another, and all the friends and families who came to celebrate with us.

So if you enjoy weddings as much as I do, I thought you might like looking at these pictures. These are just a few of my favorites. Now keep in mind that we will have been married 5 years this December, and I’m sure there is something that is already dated. Weddings are kind of like technology, you know!

Proper Tea

April 29, 2008

While home on the East Coast for my brother’s wedding, my mom, sister, and I were able to find some time to squeeze in an afternoon of together.

After picking up my sister’s bridesmaid’s dress from the seamstress, my mom took us to this lovely place for tea, which I thought was insanely adorable. It was located in Southern Delaware, a bit of a drive from my parents house, but worth every mile we drove!

If you’re ever in the Southern Delaware area (not sure if that will every happen!!), stop by the Victorian Lady. You’ll be in for a pleasant treat and some very yummy sweets!

I fell in love with these tea pot accessories. Who knew teapots ever needed accessories?! But, they’re so cute,… and smart too! They soak up the excess tea that may run off the lip of the spout, so that it doesn’t drip onto the tablecloth. So fun!

But, the best part, you ask? The hats,….definitely the hats. We had a wee bit of fun with them…


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