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Jill’s Baby Shower

July 13, 2012

A month or so ago, one of my girlfriends and I threw a small baby shower for a friend from church. It seems we have had SO many pregnant momma’s at our church these days. Something in the water?! Not sure,…but always so fun to have an excuse to celebrate our friends and the precious gift of new life with others.

We ended up going for the traditional baby girl pink theme with buntings and flowers and I do have to say, I think it turned out so very sweet.

I was so excited to reuse a few designs I had in my Pen and Paper archives from the past. I never got the opportunity to share the designs online, so here are some photos from the party for your viewing pleasure!

The front door and entrance to festivities.

In my opinion, no baby shower is complete without something sweet!

As well as a sweet treat (homemade zucchini bread) for guests to take home.

Have any of you seen these “wishes for baby” cards floating around the internet? I found the idea on pinterest and me, not being a huge fan of shower games, loved this sweet alternative. I ended up finding a 5″x7″ photo book and we placed each of the cards inside after guests filled them out.

Fancy drinks,…

Yummy treats,… I have to share this lemon bar recipe. SO good, especially if you make it with fresh lemons from your friends backyard lemon tree! YUM!

Madeleine cookies,…always fun and elegant. And a recipe from waaaay back when!

Homemade baby banner,…

And the aftermath!!

Congrats Jill! Hope your enjoying snuggling with your sweet little girl as I type this!! Thanks for letting us throw your sweet shower!

A Wreath Re-Do,…Thanks.

November 21, 2011

Since Halloween has ended and my sweet little “boo” is out, I felt I needed a little “thanks” to decorate my door before all of the Christmas decorations come out! With a quick and easy little homemade bunting, I was able to spice up my felt yarn wreath.


I cut out a few triangles, wrote/cut out the word “thanks” onto some leftover felt, glued them onto my triangles, and then strung them along some embroidery thread.

The bunting totally doesn’t match my wreath,…but I think it was a sweet quick fix before the Christmas decorations take over our home! And it’s pretty cute.

Just a little “thanks”…to enjoy (and remind me!) every time I walk through our front door.


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