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A Ruby and Momma Date

September 25, 2012

This past Saturday morning we had a Ruby and Momma date. What a treat. A whole morning and afternoon,… just the two of us.


A trip to Panera for breakfast per Ruby’s request for bagels and “sour cream” (aka–cream cheese).


And then a stop at Ceramicafe to paint some pottery. I found a great deal through Groupon and was excited to use this with Ruby. 20120923-073228.jpg

Lots of painting,… Ruby chose a pumpkin (“for Fall and for Daddy”) and a ladybug holder, which was embellished with lots of black polka dots.


 It was so incredibly sweet to spend some one-on-one time with Ruby. We did lots of talking and while we were at Panera, I whipped out the “notes” section on my phone and typed up some cute answers she gave me in response to some questions I asked her. Here they are below…
Who’s your best friend? Cousin Karis & Mommy
In response to this question, I asked “What about daddy?” Ruby’s response, “Well, Elliot is Daddy’s if u want him to be…” LOL!
Fav color? pink
Fav food? bagel (what a coincidence,..being at Panera and all!)
Fav Disney Ride? Cars ride
Fav book? Ariel
Fav drink? apple juice
What do you like to do? make crafts
Fav fruit? grapes & carrots too (we’ll have to have a talk about the difference between fruits and veggies)
Fav game? chuck e cheese game (oh geez…that’s her dad’s fault!)
How old are you? frwee!
Fav thing about preschool? making crafts
Fav thing about Elliot? Elliot laughing at me
Fav thing about Daddy? drinking drinks with him and having movie theatre time & going to Disneyland with daddy and papa and Elliot and you (I sense a Disney theme)
Fav thing about mommy? cuddling with you (MY FAVORITE RESPONSE!!)
Fav dessert? cream cheese (LOL!)
Fav place to go- Panera
What’s my Fav color of cinderella dress (she wanted me to ask her this question)? pink and blue
If u could go anywhere in whole wide world, where would u go? Disneyland!
Fav song- Jesus Loves Me
My little Ruby is so sweet. LOVE HER!

1st Year Couples Ornament

October 26, 2010

They’re back,

Holiday ornaments for that special couple celebrating their first year together.

In the past few weeks, I’ve gotten a lot of orders on my etsy site. Make sure to check them out!

They can be personalized with whatever colors you’d like as well as the names and wedding date of the couple.

All orders will be cut off the first week of December, so make sure to grab them now!




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