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Succulent Shower Favor!

August 20, 2012

A little over a month ago, I helped throw a shower for one of my longtime San Diego friends. She ended up having her sweet baby boy, Jake a few weeks ago…such a sweet little guy! And although I still need to share the details of the shower and all the cute adorableness, I thought I’d start out with the shower favors. Succulent favors, to be exact. Let just say I fell in love with them.

Two days before the shower, I was still totally stumped on what to give as favors (Yes, my name is Lydia and I’ll admit it. I’m last minute and work best under pressure). I was in charge of the favors and I refused to give an organza bag of blue candies or a bottle of bubbles (or maybe that’s assigned only for weddings) as a favor. I wanted something cute, unique, and useful.

My friends bedding theme was this sweet design by dwell. And after looking at it numerous times, some of the shapes and designs started reminding me of succulents. I’ve been on a succulent kick lately. I love them. Love that you can’t kill them even if you don’t water them or pay any attention to them for months (yes, guilty as charged). Love the color and simplicity of them. Love the different varieties… love them!

So after driving all over town with R and E in tow and going in and out of stores trying to find the most cost effective scenario, this is what I came up with to make the most adorable favor at a minimal and affordable price,…

Potted Succulents. I purchased mine for $1.89 at Home Depot. The majority held an average of 3 separate rooted succulents per pot. So it averaged out to be about $.63 cents per succulent. A few even had four succulents,…so really, in the end, the price per succulent was even less expensive. Gotta love that!

**note: check out your local farmers markets as well! I had hoped to find some and checked in at a few farmers markets in my area, but sadly none of our markets that day were selling them. If I had planned ahead, I probably could have gotten them at another farmers market on another day, as I’ve seen them before and I’m pretty positive they’re even cheaper than Home Depot!

Jiffy Pots. I also purchased these at Home Depot. 20 pots for $1.99 or you can buy them on and get 10 pots for $.85. Helllllo, insanely cheap prices for, what I think, are perfectly cute and neutral colored pots to blend with any occasion!

Dirt. You’ll need a small bag of dirt to fill in your jiffy pots. You can reuse the dirt from the succulent pots as well, but you’ll need a little extra to top off your succulent pot.

How to prepare your potted succulent. Separate out each succulent root from the individual pots. Place individual succulent sprigs in their own pot. Make sure you put a bit of dirt underneath the succulent sprig and on top so that it’s filled in on all sides. Pat down dirt, make sure it’s secure, and you have your potted succulent plant favor. It’s as easy as that!

I designed a shower themed label on a wooden dowel to stick into each pot for decoration, but could also picture a cute piece of twine wrapped around the pot or a label stuck on the outside of the pot.

You guys,…I got SO giddy about this favor. I thought it turned out so adorable, so sweet, yet so elegant and tasteful for a baby shower favor.

I couldn’t have been more happy with it and hope it inspires others to create a cute succulent favor for their next baby shower or wedding!

Ruby’s Baptism- Keepsake Cards and Stationery

April 15, 2010

Ruby’s Baptism,…continued…

So, sometimes I do crazy, ridiculous things NO OTHER person would even consider doing. Like, for example, creating these cards the morning of Ruby’s Baptism…like an hour before we’re supposed to leave. No kidding. I thought of doing them that morning while laying in bed, to be completely honest.

I don’t know why I choose to set myself up for complete craziness. There are just so many things I want to do and figure, I’m not gonna let time stop me. Life is crazy…there’s always going to be a million things on my plate and I guess it all comes back to priorities.

And, one of my priorities is making cute things for my daughter (Is there anything wrong with that? Ha!) Cute, but also precious. Ruby will look at this years down the line, maybe when she’s my age, and appreciate this (hopefully, that is!).

Some things are just important to me and even if it’s unrealistic, I’ll make time to have it done. And, I did it,…even if it meant sticking the photo on the card  right before the party started!

You see, a good friend, who is also a VERY talented photographer had taken family photos of James, me, and Ruby. We had just gotten back the pictures and I had to show them off….right? Who wouldn’t! They are gorgeous! I never got to show these off on my blog,..but here’s a few.

this one is just so cute of her….

Amazing, right?  Check her out!

And the photo I used for her keepsake card…

I, literally, just made up the word “keepsake card”. I sound so confident, like I really know what I’m talking about. I wasn’t really sure what to call this photo card, but really, it was something for others to “keep” and enjoy. So, there you have it, keep.sake.card.

I was home over the winter and found this card, which my dad had saved, in his Bible. I didn’t tell him, but it totally brought tears to my eyes. My sweet Pops. I love him!

And to go with whole ensemble, I made these matching notecards to write thank you’s on. Very sweet and very special.

Something we’ve been able to put to use!

Love ‘em!


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