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My husband….

June 8, 2010

My husband can make a mean bleu cheese burger.

Mmmm…mm….just another reason why I love him so!

Happy Valentine’s Eve!!

February 14, 2008

I know Valentine’s is a Hallmark holiday, but I still love it.


I love hearts. I love doilies. I love valentines. I love pink and red. I love red hot, cinnamon candy hearts. I love red hot, cinnamon candy hearts smashed in sugar cookies. I love it all. Including my husband.

As I said before, we are watching our friends sweet, little teacup terriers for 10 days. At night we put them in their crate to sleep and then, in the morning, let them out when we wake up. Well, those little stinkers have somehow figured out how to unzip their crate and get out!! The first morning it happened, we thought it was a fluke and figured we must have not zipped it up correctly. The next morning, when they came running to our door, we we’re still a bit baffled. All to say,’s happened the past 3 consecutive mornings and we’ve come to terms that we just have two little smart puppies on our hands!! It’s hilarious and so cute! They get so happy in the morning, jumping on our bed and licking our faces,… we can’t find it in our hearts to get upset with them. It’s just so stinking adorable.

Well,…all that to say,….they woke us up again this morning, bright and early, at 7am (I know, I know,..7am isn’t that early, but it’s early to us!!). While J went back to sleep, I decided to stay up and surprise him with some pre-valentine’s day waffles. YUM!


We went on a Costco run last weekend and bought a ton of blackberries, blueberries, and ridiculously priced peaches. I think all of those are, technically, out of season but, we live in San Diego,…who in San Diego keeps tabs on “seasons”. Seasons, shmeasons,…it’s summer year-round here!


But,…..LOOK! Yummy,…fluffy delicious waffles…!!! With ridiculously, overpriced berries on top!!!


I must give props to my sweet mother-in-law, though, for buying me the most amazing-ever-belgian waffle maker and waffle recipe book for my birthday!! Thanks Mom R!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!

Hooray!! A new Banner!

February 10, 2008
I’ve got a new banner for my page!! Whoo hoo!
I have been meaning to change my banner for some time now, but my lacking in tech-y skills on the computer has slowed me down. However, I do have a sweet, loving, computer-geek husband (whom I love like crazy) that helps me and has been slowly teaching me how to use Adobe Illustrator. This banner is the product of my elementary skills on Illustrator. 
It’s a pretty cool process if you have the patience for it. (I have realized how little patience I have…) Basically though, I wrote out “Lydia’s Cozy Corner” and drew some flowers and leaves with paper and pen, scanned it in on our computer, vectorized it, and then cleaned it up in Illustrator. That’s the very short version for you!  
You like? Of course I need to add a ton more, but this is all I’ve got in me for now!!



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