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Pretty Packaging…

June 23, 2010

I think packaging is one of my favorite parts of this job.

Assembling and labeling,…

and tying bows,…

Everything finished. Pristine. Lined up and fitting into tight boxes, it weird that I love this?

Even arranging things in the packaging for shipment,…I have to be honest and say, I get a thrill out of it!

It’s the little things in life,…

Freshly Baked Treats Coming Your Way!!!

May 1, 2008

Earlier this week, I had the unique opportunity to play “bakery”.

Hee hee hee… I like playing “house”, I like playing “store”, and now I like playing “bakery”. And no,… I am not 5 years old…..

I guess you could say it was a combination of “bakery” and “store”. A friend of a friend had me emailed me about a month or so ago. She had seen all of the baked treats on my blog and asked if I’d be willing to mail a few of her friends some of these freshly baked treats for their birthdays. Of course I responded to her with a big, fat YES! How fun, I thought,…and the clincher,…she’d pay me for it! So yes, I can now say I am a part-time baker. Yes, I can!

So this past week, I gathered a cup of coffee (of course!), my baking supplies, festive red and orange packaging items (her friends favorite colors), and got to work.

She requested that I make brownies (her friends favorite dessert) and then I decided to throw in some of the yummy Blondies I had posted on a few months ago.

The only tricky part was figuring out how to package everything carefully enough so that the desserts wouldn’t get smashed. I found two perfectly sized boxes that fit into my shipping box wonderfully. So with the goodies wrapped in 2 tight layers of parchment paper, I carefully arranged them in each box.

I stuffed orange and white tissue paper around each treat so that nothing would shift while traveling and then covered the top with white, orange, and silver paper shreds. What fun! I love doing little cutesy things like this!

Then I made her a little card, stuck it on the inside flap of the box, and tucked a little daisy in.

I threw in a few more styrofoam zig-zags for further reinforcement and then sent it off next day shipping at the USPS.

I’m waiting to hear back on how it shipped, but am thinking it should have been fine.

I’m telling you, I think I could do this as a living. Yes, I’d like to play “baker”/”store” for the rest of my life. It’s fun. I love baking, I love making stuff fun and cute,…therefore, I think I should do this as a job. Invitations and Baking. Yes,…I think I’d be happy with that.

So, thank you Ricci!! I loved doing this and if ANYONE would like me to send FRESHLY BAKED items to a friend or even, yourself, let me know! I’m more than willing!!


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