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Custom Gift Stationery

June 8, 2010

Custom Gift Stationery…such a special treat.

One of my favorite items to design, personalize, and package for the recipient.

Especially this dainty theme. The little birds and twigs are my favorite and so is the delicate, pale pinky-ness of it all!

The scalloped cut edge is a special touch too, not something I do often, but it adds so much!

And don’t get me started on black and white polka dots and pale pink! Ooooh la la!

You can find these for purchase here or you can contact me for more information.

Puffy Paint,…what every Artist should have..

May 5, 2008

Last week, we celebrated one of my good friends birthdays. I won’t tell you how old she turned, but I will tell you about the gift I gave her.

While I was at S.D.S.U., I took a ton of Art classes. I loved them and wish I could go back and take them all over again. No Linguistics or Physics for me, thank you very much! But Art,… yes, I would be fine with taking that again.

A perk to taking all of those classes?! Endless amounts of art pieces that, I’ve found, I can color copy and give as gifts to those I love. It’s great. I love it,… they’re very special to me and to give them as gifts, makes them even more special!

This one was a mixed media I did while in a Design and Color class. The original piece was made with a patterned paper I found at Blick, puffy paint (haha…I don’t know what else to call it), and acrylic paint. I originally wasn’t that into the piece, but when it was framed,…with the crinkly brown paper in the background and the black matte paper behind the piece, I fell in love with it again. I think the frame goes well with the piece.

And then, to make it complete, I wrapped it in crisp, clean brown paper and tied a pink, polka dotted ribbon around the framed piece.


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