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Quaker Oats Headband and Hairclip Holder

November 13, 2012

I thought I was unique. I thought I was original. I thought I had just created something really smart,..something groundbreaking. Something AMAZING! I. did. not. It wasn’t groundbreaking. NO. It had already been done.

Looking at that Quaker Oats container one day and thinking of Ruby’s pile of headbands sitting in the bathroom closet, I really thought I was onto something,…but nope. Others had done it.

6 months too late, as seen on this blog. Seriously it’s crazy though how similar ours are and I had NOT done any googling before making mine! Reminder: I thought I was the first one who had ever thought this up! A year too late, here. 2 years too late here. And, if I had gotten my act together and posted this back in September, I could have beat this cute washi tape headband holder to it! Ha!

This was all too funny, considering the day I read this post on Mrs. Priss’s blog and then right after making my AMAZING UNIQUE CREATION, I found out it wasn’t oh-so-amazing-and-unique! I can relate Mrs. Priss…Washi Tape Rage, for sure. I have Quaker Oats Container rage!!!!!!!

But, it was cute to make. And fun. And, we have definitely used it. Ruby LOVES it and thought it was A-MAZ-ING! Nice to be a momma and get appreciated,…she doesn’t know it’s all over google (don’t tell her!).

But, this is how I made mine and so far, I have to admit I haven’t seen anyone else do their Quaker Oats container the same exact way I did mine. So, there. I’m still original (I’ll fight for it!).

1. Find an old Q.O. container (the large version). 2. Measure out your fabric against the container and cut to desired size. I had some leftover scraps of a really soft, fuzzy jersey type fabric what was perfect for the hairbands and clips. 3. Once you have your fabric, use spray adhesive (spray outside…crazy fumes!) to adhere the fabric to the container. This worked GREAT for me and was SO easy to do!  The adhesive makes it nice and secure, smooth, and sticks perfectly.

4. Then attach whatever style ribbon you like for the hair clips. Use hot glue on each end to adhere. I used spray adhesive on the bottom ribbon (since it was just behind for decoration) and then hot glue on the pink ribbon, since the clips were sticking to that ribbon.

So Ruby’s brushes could be raised up higher and I could see them, I added a piece of foam to the bottom to lift everything up. This part may be a little overkill, but I thought it’d be useful and I just so happened to have a styrofoam cutter and thick chunk of foam to that did the job! Thanks FloraCraft for the goodies!!

5. Measure the foam against your Q.O. container, then cut it out with your styro cutter. I used one like this. Once you’ve cut out your foam, use spray adhesive to adhere the fabric. Then pop your little foam disc inside the Q.O. container!

You are finished! You have for yourself a VERY happy Quaker Oats Headband and Hairclip Holder! And although others have made similar ones before, be proud of yourself, because you too are creative and unique (no matter what google search says!).


Pretty Packaging…

June 23, 2010

I think packaging is one of my favorite parts of this job.

Assembling and labeling,…

and tying bows,…

Everything finished. Pristine. Lined up and fitting into tight boxes, it weird that I love this?

Even arranging things in the packaging for shipment,…I have to be honest and say, I get a thrill out of it!

It’s the little things in life,…

A Lovey

July 15, 2009

You know those tags that say, “by federal law, don’t you dare rip this off or you’ll go to jail”? You know what I’m talking about,… you feel extremely exhilarated when you rip those babies off, thinking you’re living on the crazy, wildside. Uh huh. You know.

Well, for the past few weeks, Ruby has begun to start playing with toys. It’s the most precious thing ever. And, she LOVES her Baby Einstein mat. All I have to do is throw a few toys down and she’ll play for a while all by herself, perfectly content. Remember those tags I was just telling you about? They’re on the side of her mat and she just discovered them the other day.  Rather than reaching for her blocks, Ruby now scoots herself over to the tags and gnaws on them for a few good minutes. Just goes to show that you don’t have to buy kids toys, they’ll make a toy out of anything.


Recently though, a few friends did recommend getting her a “lovey” since she was so into these little tags, thinking she’d like that too. A lovey,… I had no clue what it was until a girlfriend of mine showed me the one her little boy has. So adorable,…a small little square with different textured ribbons attached on all sides.


I had a few scraps of fabric left from a blanket I had made for Ruby before she was born, so I decided to take a crack at making my own lovey for Ruby.


All that is needed are two pieces of about 12″x12″ fabric (mine was a bit more of a rectangle shape) and various types of ribbon about 4 inches long.


Place your 2 square pieces, right sides together. Then, double over each ribbon.


Place each doubled over ribbon in between the two pieces of fabric. Do this so that the two ends of the ribbon are facing out and then secure with a pin.


Continue until each ribbon is securely pinned in place. I did about 4 ribbons on each side, but you can do as many as you like!


Then, sew the pieces together, making sure to leave a opening to turn inside out. I left about 2 inches open. (Sorry it started to get dark, so this was a terrible pic..)


After it’s sewn turn right side out, iron flat, and then sew again to secure. I know there’s some sewing terminology for this but, I don’t know what it’s called and I don’t feel like google searching it to figure it out or pretending like I do know. HA!

**Hey Becky, I’m sure you know what that’s called, right? Topstitch, maybe? I’m still no sewing novice**


This is what it looks like after I did the last sewing bit,… I chose the zig-zag stitch. FUN!


A simple sewing project and so fun to make. It was one of those projects that gave you a sense of accomplishment because you really could make it in less than an hour. So fun.


But, you know what’s funny? After playing with her lovey for a few minutes,…you know what Ruby did?


She went right back to her tags. That little stinker,… he he he.

Amanda’s Wedding Invitations!

June 11, 2008

It’s been crazy around here….between moving, traveling to the east coast for weddings, and invitation jobs, I’ve had my share of busy-ness. Emphasizing the “busy” and “ness” parts… It’s good though, sometimes I wonder if I secretly thrive on nonstop chaos. Is that bad? Is that wrong? I don’t know,… but I do think I get way more accomplished when my schedule is packed.

One of the jobs I have been finishing up are Amanda’s wedding invitations. My “happy” friend sent her over my way. I couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s been so fun working with Amanda. I’ve looked at her invitations so many times, I think I’ve already imagined the whole layout and design for her entire wedding day! I’m starting to think I may fly out there and crash the party! No, not really… don’t worry, Amanda! But, I am excited about her invitations.

Using the ornate initial as our base for design, I hand wrote the wording for the invitation, along with layering black, champagne, and white card stock.

To bring all of the pieces together, we used a black, grosgrain ribbon with the “G” initial clasping it together

I love the elegant and refined nature of this invitation and if it’s true that the wedding invitations set the guests up for what to expect at the wedding, I truly believe it will be an elegant gathering!

Puffy Paint,…what every Artist should have..

May 5, 2008

Last week, we celebrated one of my good friends birthdays. I won’t tell you how old she turned, but I will tell you about the gift I gave her.

While I was at S.D.S.U., I took a ton of Art classes. I loved them and wish I could go back and take them all over again. No Linguistics or Physics for me, thank you very much! But Art,… yes, I would be fine with taking that again.

A perk to taking all of those classes?! Endless amounts of art pieces that, I’ve found, I can color copy and give as gifts to those I love. It’s great. I love it,… they’re very special to me and to give them as gifts, makes them even more special!

This one was a mixed media I did while in a Design and Color class. The original piece was made with a patterned paper I found at Blick, puffy paint (haha…I don’t know what else to call it), and acrylic paint. I originally wasn’t that into the piece, but when it was framed,…with the crinkly brown paper in the background and the black matte paper behind the piece, I fell in love with it again. I think the frame goes well with the piece.

And then, to make it complete, I wrapped it in crisp, clean brown paper and tied a pink, polka dotted ribbon around the framed piece.


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