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Baked Salmon and Roasted Green Beans

August 29, 2012

No pictures, but this salmon was SO easy to make and delicious considering the simplicity! I used regular bread crumbs and toasted them in the butter before topping them on the filet.

Roasted green beans are my new favorite thing! We’ve gotten them all summer long from our CSA and I’ve gotten bored with sauteing them or making cold green bean salads. To prepare, coat in coconut oil and sprinkle with kosher salt. Roast at 400 degrees, making sure to toss on and off as they cook. Near the end, mix in finely diced garlic. Roast for a bit more til the garlic is fragrant then eat. SO good!

Stuffed Peppers

July 25, 2008

These pictures are a few weeks old, but I thought I’d post them. After flipping though my photos and spotting them, I remembered how delicious these were and I had to share them with you!!

Stuffed green peppers with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes (from our garden!), onion, garlic, feta, gruyere cheese, finely diced breadcrumbs from a leftover loaf of olive bread, and assorted seasonings.

J and I mixed them up, while cooking one of our first dinners together in our new place. After traveling so much and on top of moving, we hadn’t eaten a home cooked meal in weeks. It was wonderful to be settled into our new place and to eat fresh, warm, homey food once again!

We didn’t follow a recipe for these delectable bites,… just kind of made it up as we went. While we were preparing the mixture, I threw the halved and seeded peppers in the oven at 400 degrees for about 6 or so minutes (honestly, I can’t remember exactly how long it took, but basically until they were just tender a bit,..not too tender, since we had to stuff them and put them back in the oven for just a bit to get everything heated though).

While the peppers baked in the oven, I sauteed onions, garlic, cherry tomatoes, and mushrooms with a bit of olive oil. After they were cooked though, I transferred them to a bowl and added in some shredded gruyere cheese, feta cheese, diced olive loaf breadcrumbs, and whatever random seasonings I felt like throwing in.

We then stuffed the, now cooked to just tender, peppers with the mixture and threw them back in the oven for about 8 more minutes or until just heated though.

They were delicious! You should try them out…I highly recommend it. YUM!


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