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what we’ve been eating…

August 13, 2012

Dill Pickles. I’m pretty excited to have canned my first 3 jars EVER. I followed this recipe and video. It was extremely helpful and informative.

Homemade Garden Tomato Sauce. Tomatoes courtesy of the Sundin Garden. Thanks for sharing Ginette!

No Yeast Cinnamon Rolls! Ruby and I whipped these up one morning last week. They were so fun to make, especially not having to factor in the rising time. Of course they weren’t as light and airy as yeast cinnamon rolls, but still pretty delicious and EASY!!

Our new favorite pizza place! Delicious thin slice, NY style pizza…AND MIGHT I ADD RIGHT DOWN THE STREET FROM US!!!! I was giddy,…it reminded me of home. How have we not known about it?! I was SOOO happy to find!

Breakfast in bed,…brought in to me by my sweet hubs. Poached egg with a homemade spicy hollandaise-type sauce on top of spinach and fresh garden tomatoes! Impressive, no?!

Ruby’s after dinner “treat”…quite a treat! Marshmallow and graham cracker butterfly.

And an afternoon iced coffee,…to get through this RIDICULOUS heatwave we’re having while sitting in a house with NO A/C!! I’ll survive, with my coffee in my hand.

And now, I should go weigh myself… I’m pretty sure just typing this out made me gain five pounds!!




Before I Forget,…

October 7, 2010

Before I forget,…I had to share these two links!

1. Asian Bees Photography in Memphis, TN.

Gorgeous, beautiful photos and if you scroll down to photo #10, you’ll see the invitations I did for Abbey!

2. Sundin Photography in San Diego, CA.

I know you’ve heard me gush over Ginette Sundin of Sundin Photography before. Here and here and here, to be specific. But, I wanted to share the exciting opportunity I have to join forces with Sundin Photography this holiday season. I have had the pleasure of creating 6, exclusive to Sundin Photography, holiday photo cards. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have this opportunity and just HAD to share the teaser link and, of course,…one of my very favorites!!

Make sure to stay tuned for more!

Busy, busy, busy…

August 26, 2010

Wow. It has been a BUSY week,… to say the least. If you’re a follower of my facebook page, you’ll know that I officially sent out my second letterpress job yesterday!! Yes, you heard that right, second. I know that may seem silly. Two letterpress jobs, whoop-dee-doo, but let me know tell you… I couldn’t be more thrilled! I’m hoping these 2 jobs will turn into 5 jobs, then 10 jobs, and on from there.

I’ve found a great letterpress company in San Diego. The people there are wonderful and they do BEAUTIFUL work. I can’t wait to share about this more!

But enough about that for now. I have great posts planned for next week. A possible viewing of the first Lydia’s Pen and Paper letterpress job, maybe? It’s my baby and I can’t wait to share it with you! A cute activity Ruby and I did together this week. Oh, what a sweetie! And maybe even a few more invitations I’ve popped out in these last few weeks. I’m so behind!

I’m looking forward to heading to the East Coast in a few weeks,…a visit to see my family, which I have not seen most of them since September, will be divine! A break from everything will be nice. And have I told you yet?! My sister and two sister-in-laws are all PREGNANT! All due within a month of each other, mind you. December thru January. It’s going to be a BUSY holiday season! Can’t wait to see their belly’s!

Okay, I’m out for now…hoping to pop in again before the week is over.

I leave you with this cute pic of Ruby and J while up in Tahoe a couple of weeks ago.

How CUTE is she in that life preserver?!!?

One of my favorite things,…

July 27, 2010

It was our first year of marriage, our first apartment together, and, because my birthday falls on on of the most celebrated holidays of the year (yes, my birthday is on christmas day!), it was the first christmas and birthday we celebrated as husband and wife.

My husband, of just a few months at that time, already knew me so well. He knew just what I’d love for a birthday and Christmas present. Walking a block down the street, he went straight to Architectural Salvage and bought me this:

An old stained glass window, salvaged from some random building (who know’s from where exactly!), paint chipped and all. THAT is what I wanted most,…not a designer hand bag or a gift certificate to the most posh spa in Southern California (not that either of those are terrible, by any means),… but no what I most wanted was a dingy old window (at least that’s how some may see this).

But, ah! To me,…it is history, beauty,… it has character, it tells a story, it MAKES my home. It’s the most central piece in our home that I love.

One of my favorite things,…so favorite that each time we moved, I transferred this window by car, the window being the only thing in the car besides me, wrapped in towels and cushioned with numerous pillows, so that it would travel safely. It’s my baby,…and I love it.

In honor of the Eagles,…

January 13, 2009

I had to post this,… especially in honor of the Philadelphia Eagles latest victories.

While I have lived in San Diego for 6+ years where everyone seems to root for the Chargers and Padres, I have to admit that my love for sports is a bit pathetic. I can get excited about sports, but honestly, I’m one of those people that jumps on the bandwagon late in the season when the team I want to win is, indeed, winning. Basically, the only time I can get excited about sports is when the team is a PHILADELPHIA team. There, I said it. Sorry San Diego peeps,… I’ll root for the Chargers, but when they come up against the Philadelphia Eagles, I’ll always go back to my hometown team.

Now, the men in the my family are a different story. They cheer for each Philadelphia team, nonstop. They shed tears of joy and tears of sadness. If one of their beloved Philly teams loses, the whole family bears the brunt of their frustration and grief for the rest of the day. No kidding. Sadly and thankfully, I don’t bear their burdens as much since I now live on the west coast, but I do share in their pride and excitement in others ways…


Like planning to dress my sweet little girl in this EAGLES cheerleading outfit!!! I’m sorry, but is this not the cutest little outfit?! While I was home on the East Coast for Christmas, my mom handed this to me saying that my dad had picked it out for our little baby girl growing inside my belly. Is it not too cute? Can’t you just see her hair in little pigtails with green and black ribbons tying them together?! I love it! And, doesn’t it just make it all the cuter that my dad picked it out…?!?!


And oh my,…it will make my dad proud when he sees our little girl wearing it. I can’t wait to put it on her next season! So cute!


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