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New Birth Announcements!

September 2, 2010

Some new birth announcements have been added to my Facebook page. Soon to be added to my websiteCheck them out!

Orange & Turquoise Sprigs Stationery

August 10, 2010

Personalized sprigs stationery…

sent as a gift to a client for ordering bridal shower invitations.

The bridal shower invitations will make there debut in the next couple of days,…

but until then,… hope you enjoy these!!

Charlotte’s Wedding Details

July 21, 2010

Charlotte. We attended the same church when I first came to San Diego. She was in junior high then. I used to be her youth group leader. I forced her to go to Young Life Camp (but, it was fun…right charlotte, right?!). I helped her get ready for her school dances. And now I can say that I have attended her wedding and have had the pleasure of creating her wedding invitations, along with programs, stationery, and table number cards.

I’m been delaying this post, since I haven’t yet taken photos of her invitations (which I fell in love with), but lets be real…I think it’s ok to start with the matching goods.


Wedding programs. A simple, yet elegant style. Double sided and mounted on a rich black card stock.

Personalized stationery. For the many thank you’s I’m sure she is/will be writing!

Table number cards. Mounted on lavender and black card stock. Lovely.

Coming soon,… a detailed look at Charlotte’s wedding invitations!

Bumblebee Stationery

July 8, 2010

Bzzzzzzzz……..bumblebee stationery!!

Bumblebee stationery with hand drawn bumblebee and flower design, along with customized hand drawn name of your choice. Could also be used for a child’s birthday party, summer party,… the possibilities are endless!

It’s BEEEEautiful!! Buzz on by to get some!

(Sorry couldn’t resist the bumblebee lingo!)

Custom Gift Stationery

June 8, 2010

Custom Gift Stationery…such a special treat.

One of my favorite items to design, personalize, and package for the recipient.

Especially this dainty theme. The little birds and twigs are my favorite and so is the delicate, pale pinky-ness of it all!

The scalloped cut edge is a special touch too, not something I do often, but it adds so much!

And don’t get me started on black and white polka dots and pale pink! Ooooh la la!

You can find these for purchase here or you can contact me for more information.


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