Support Caroline Santa!!!

Hi all,

Today I am writing a post to tell you about my dear friend Caroline. She is one of my oldest friends and I treasure her greatly.


This is a picture of us in Hollywood a few years ago. There is a long story to this picture, that must be saved for a later time! This is the oldest picture I could find, that I have out on the west coast. The classic, fifth grade pictures are at my parents house on the east coast and must be dug out when I travel there next!!

I still remember my first interaction with her. We were in fifth grade. I was new to Wilmington Christian School and didn’t know anyone. Shy and nervous, it was the first day of school. We were on the playground. I still remember what I wore that first day of school,… these sweet, pink and green plaid shorts and a white, pocket t-shirt. Remember the pocket T’s? I thought it was THE coolest outfit. But, back to Cara…she had a pretty hot hat on, herself… if I remember right (which I know I do,..HA!) it was a purple and teal Disney, Aladdin Hat. I think it had the Genie on the front,…or something like that. Cara–hope I haven’t embarrassed you.

With her big, pimpin Aladdin hat on, sweet Caroline approached me on the playground and was like,…

“Hi, your Grandparent’s go to my church.”

and I was like, “Yeah,… they do”

and she was like, “You want to play four-square?”

and I was like, “Sure”.

And, from then on sweet Cara and Little Lyd were best friends. We did many things together like bake oatmeal raisin cookies and eat waffles in her bed that her mom made for us in the mornings. We also recorded our very own commercials and talk shows on her tape player up in her bedroom. I still wonder where those cassette tapes went…. we watched TGIF on friday nights and dressed up in different outfits and took pictures of eachother in them. We drew flowers on the rubber soles of our converse shoes and borrowed each others clothes like crazy.


Ahhh,… those days. They were wonderful. And now, Caroline and I are all grown up (well maybe a little bit grown up). Johanna, the blondie, joined us in seventh grade. She was short and we were tall. She walked between the two tall brunettes, down the school hallway, and everyone looked.

And today, Caroline is an artist. An amazing artist, at that. She’s going to be crazy, famous someday and I’m going to be like,… “Yeah, she’s pretty much my best friend, we used to play four square together and stuff” and people are going to be like….”Wow,….your so cool…” Uh huh,….something like that. You know.

So, the point of this post is to promo the amazing Caroline Santa and tell you to BUY HER ARTWORK NOW while its still cheap,….cause once she gets famous it’s gonna be a fortune and you’re going to be so sad you didn’t buy it while you could.

You can buy some of her older stuff on her Etsy Site or you can also visit her website and look at more of her recent work.


I’ve checked out her Etsy site and am trying to decide between this one…


or this one..


or this one,…I can’t decide which one I want!

But, you must decide which one you want and go buy!! Support Caroline!!!

You’ll be SOOOO happy you did!!

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    […] guest fill out a card with their favorite recipe for me to have. One of my oldest friends, oh sweet Caroline, gave me the MOST delicious recipe for Banana […]

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