A Pioneer Woman Evening

I love having people over. There’s something about making your house warm and cozy, having an excuse to make a bunch of really good food, and all the while, knowing your friends appreciate these things,…that makes having good friends over so enjoyable.

I know I’m always making Pioneer Woman’s Recipes, but I can’t resist! I’ve been wanting to try Pioneer Woman’s lasagna for some time now, so I tried it out last week when J and I had some friends over for dinner.


It was good,…not stupendously, amazing like all her reader’s raved, but it was good. I am kind of picky with my lasagna though, so you should try it for yourself and decide!


I honestly still prefer my Momma’s lasagna any day over Pioneer Woman’s, but I do have to give her credit for incorporating cottage cheese into the recipe and Bob Evan’s breakfast sausage. I had never heard of this and you couldn’t even tell it was in there. You would have just thought it was ricotta cheese or spicy sausage… nothing as simple as cottage cheese or Bob Evan’s sausage, that’s for sure!! So, props to PW for that,…very unique and original.


I did, however, LOVE her Chocolate Pie.



It was crazy sweet (I may add less sugar the next time I make this) and it did have raw eggs (that did scare me a little bit, but hey! I’m still alive, right?), but overall, it was delicious!!


I did cheat and refuse to make homemade pie crust,….who has time for that anyway?! Instead I used a store bought graham cracker crust…which I thought went very nicely with the chocolate mousse flavor, thank you very much!


And, the best part, you ask?! Learning how EASY it is to make Chocolate Curls!!! Ohhhhhh,……so fun! So easy!!! Kind of messy,…but you’ve GOT to try it!!


So, if you’re in the mood for homemade lasagna and chocolate pie, go check out Pioneer Woman’s Recipes!!

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11 Responses to “A Pioneer Woman Evening”

  1. suzy2110 Says:

    Dammit, my diet was going so well, too- all the food looks yummy!

  2. Rachael Says:

    Yum! I am so in the mood for lasagna!!!

  3. caroline Says:

    omgoodness…that looks soooo good! Your food photog is getting so amazing! it already was good, but I seriously thought that lasagna picture was from a magazine or something. way to go, yo

  4. Carol Says:

    I am in the mood for lasagna with Bob Evans sausage (Hamburger doesn’t seem so appealing anymore)…where do you find the time, Lyddie?! You just maybe inspired me to make some lasagna with you kind compliments!And that pie! Come home quick and feed us! (I don’t think so (at least this time when you come) I doubt you’ll have time to cook!

  5. Carol Says:

    excuse me… Y O U R (with the R) KIND COMPLIMENTS…

  6. Rachael Says:

    Mom is SO cute!

  7. lydia Says:

    rach- i know….our momma is pretty cute!!😉

    mom- i’m glad i put you in the mood for lasagna! did you make it tonight?!

    cara- thanks for the compliments! that means a lot coming from a true artist!!

    suzy- sorry i messed up your diet.:) hope i haven’t ruined it!!

  8. Fig Says:

    Did it occur to you that maybe your pie was too sweet because you used the graham cracker crust? PW’s pie crust is unsweetened, which balances out the super-sweet filling quite nicely. Just a thought . . .

  9. lydia Says:

    Yes! Thanks for that comment, Fig! It did….I was just too lazy to go in and edit my post. It was an afterthought,…. the graham cracker crust did make it sweeter!!

    But, i still have to say, it was EXTREMELY sweet!!! But, yummy all the same!! And, I will definitely make it again!:)

    Thanks for your comment!!

  10. Megan Says:

    i made pioneer woman’s lasanga just last week! behn loved it and your whole family kept asking me if it was your recipe and i kept telling them it was pioneer woman’s. i had no idea you had just posted it, no wonder everyone was confused:-)

  11. lydia Says:

    that is too funny, megan!! haha! see i told you she was amazing and you’d love her!!:)

    ps- you should tell emily to make this pie for seth. he said its his fav!:)

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