Puffy Paint,…what every Artist should have..

Last week, we celebrated one of my good friends birthdays. I won’t tell you how old she turned, but I will tell you about the gift I gave her.

While I was at S.D.S.U., I took a ton of Art classes. I loved them and wish I could go back and take them all over again. No Linguistics or Physics for me, thank you very much! But Art,… yes, I would be fine with taking that again.

A perk to taking all of those classes?! Endless amounts of art pieces that, I’ve found, I can color copy and give as gifts to those I love. It’s great. I love it,… they’re very special to me and to give them as gifts, makes them even more special!

This one was a mixed media I did while in a Design and Color class. The original piece was made with a patterned paper I found at Blick, puffy paint (haha…I don’t know what else to call it), and acrylic paint. I originally wasn’t that into the piece, but when it was framed,…with the crinkly brown paper in the background and the black matte paper behind the piece, I fell in love with it again. I think the frame goes well with the piece.

And then, to make it complete, I wrapped it in crisp, clean brown paper and tied a pink, polka dotted ribbon around the framed piece.

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3 Responses to “Puffy Paint,…what every Artist should have..”

  1. Megan Says:

    You make pretty things:-)

  2. lydia Says:

    awww…thanks megan.:)

  3. Candice Says:

    I loved my pretty birthday present!! Its so pretty!

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