late, yet again, but still worth trying out!

As promised here is the link to the most delicious snickerdoodle cookies…EVER. They come from “Pinch My Salt” blog. I love this girl. Not only because she’s a fellow San Diegan like me, but also because her recipes never fail to make me happy. They’re delicious….and her photography is beautiful!! Check out her website and enjoy her recipe for snickerdoodle’s, complete with step-by-step instructions and photos. 


Now, I have to address something first. I’m really sorry for not posting these cookie recipes before Christmas. Yeah, I know, it would have made much more sense to put them up when people were still in the mood for crazy, sugary sweets and had every desire to eat their hearts out; not counting christmas cookies as valid calories.

Yes, I missed my train,…I’m late, I know. Now that I’ve put them up, most people (like me) don’t even want to look at another piece of food filled with sugar. They’re over it. I understand. 


And, it’s okay. Maybe you’ll use this recipe for next Christmas. Or, you know what? Valentines is coming up! Haven’t you seen all of the ridiculousness in the store windows, the day after Christmas?! (How do they get stuff up that fast?! Can we at least enjoy New Years?!)


That much to say,….I give you a delicious link to a delicious cookie. Whether you try them out now or a year from now, I forgive you. And please forgive me for posting Christmas-y cookie pictures,….a couple of weeks late!!!

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