Cute T’s

Look at these catchy and cute onesie’s our cousins gave Ruby!


“Martha, you got nothin on my mommas cupcakes!”

I love it! She even used one of the images I drew for an invitation. SO ADORABLE! On the back it says, “100% homemade”. LOVE it.


“I love Delaware”

Del-a-where?! Yes, that’s right. My baby will have great love for the small wonder know as, Delaware! Whoot, whoot!

And the below one will make her daddy proud,…


“My Daddy is a Rockstar!”

As I’m sure you can guess, J loved this one… gotta love Rockband influenced T’s.

And the best yet, for this blog,…


Schoolyard taunts: 2010…”-HaHa! Your mom blogs about you! -Shut Up.”


So cute and so perfect!


I’m so happy Ruby is finally fitting into these T’s! I couldn’t wait to show them off!

And, what a cute idea!!! They used printable iron on’s that you can find at your local craft store!! All you do is print your design through on an inkjet printer and then iron on!

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One Response to “Cute T’s”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Can this get passed on to me, pretty please? 😉

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