Sundin Photography,…

I know I’ve plastered these all over facebook, but I had to at least make sure my my cozy corner didn’t miss out on the goods

Check it out. The amazingly talented Ginette Sundin of Sundin Photography has done it again!!

To say that I’m ecstatic about these photos is an UNDERSTATEMENT. I am in *LOVE* and cannot wait to display these.

Ginette had an AMAZING vision and I was SO excited that she allowed us to be part of it!

We ended up gathering random pieces from our home that have meant something to us, as a family, and chose to use them as props in our photos. Everything from books J had from when he was a child, old vintage cookbooks we’ve collected in our travels, both my and J’s old baby blankets, meaningful toys Ruby received as gifts, a couple of favorite chairs, our stained glass window and old cabinet door that hang in our home, and even the lampshade hanging from the tree branch was taken from our living room!!

It was SO much fun sharing the same vision for our set up. Ginette was awesome in letting up drag so many pieces in (loading all of them in her sweet volvo!), dealing with my indecisiveness, and going with the flow of things. I love her. Really, I do. She is amazing.

We were even able to capture a few photos with my parents who were in town visiting. I will treasure this photo for ever. 3 generations. My mom, Ruby, and me. Don’t you just love Ruby’s model pose?! But, the best part?! Ruby is wearing a dress that was MINE from when I was a child. Precious. Thanks for saving it all these years, Mom!

This one, however, leaves me speechless… what a gift.

Thank you, sweet Ginette. I am so thankful for you, as a photographer, for the precious moments you’ve captured of my family…

These will be cherished for SO MANY years to come.

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2 Responses to “Sundin Photography,…”

  1. Liza Says:

    ohmygoodness…..BEEEAAUUUTIIFFFFUUULLLLLL! I think the Sand family needs us some Ginette someday soon. wow.
    I love the one with “the girls” and Ruby all cozied up on you is so cute, and the family outside with the inside props… love it so much that I was thinking maybe we could just photoshop ourselves into your scene? LOL

  2. Before I Forget,… « Says:

    […] know you’ve heard me gush over Ginette Sundin of Sundin Photography before. Here and here and here, to be specific. But, I wanted to share the exciting opportunity I have to join […]

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