Busy, busy, busy…

Wow. It has been a BUSY week,… to say the least. If you’re a follower of my facebook page, you’ll know that I officially sent out my second letterpress job yesterday!! Yes, you heard that right, second. I know that may seem silly. Two letterpress jobs, whoop-dee-doo, but let me know tell you… I couldn’t be more thrilled! I’m hoping these 2 jobs will turn into 5 jobs, then 10 jobs, and on from there.

I’ve found a great letterpress company in San Diego. The people there are wonderful and they do BEAUTIFUL work. I can’t wait to share about this more!

But enough about that for now. I have great posts planned for next week. A possible viewing of the first Lydia’s Pen and Paper letterpress job, maybe? It’s my baby and I can’t wait to share it with you! A cute activity Ruby and I did together this week. Oh, what a sweetie! And maybe even a few more invitations I’ve popped out in these last few weeks. I’m so behind!

I’m looking forward to heading to the East Coast in a few weeks,…a visit to see my family, which I have not seen most of them since September, will be divine! A break from everything will be nice. And have I told you yet?! My sister and two sister-in-laws are all PREGNANT! All due within a month of each other, mind you. December thru January. It’s going to be a BUSY holiday season! Can’t wait to see their belly’s!

Okay, I’m out for now…hoping to pop in again before the week is over.

I leave you with this cute pic of Ruby and J while up in Tahoe a couple of weeks ago.

How CUTE is she in that life preserver?!!?

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3 Responses to “Busy, busy, busy…”

  1. Liza Says:

    she’s too cute, that lil Ruby! i love it!

  2. The Happiest Place on Earth « Says:

    […] CRAZY work week, led to a mini, spur of the moment, getaway up to the land of Disney for the […]

  3. A Deep Breath and Some Cookies! « Says:

    […] But lets be realistic, it didn’t overshadow the excitement we had to see my family and the pregnant belly’s my older sister and two sister-in-law’s donned. They are FULLY pregnant…SO much […]

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