Jen’s Regular Friday Post: Bargaining with a Baby

I’m SO jealous of Jen’s cute garage sale finds! Check them out! The west coast needs some yard sales like these!


I wish I could say I’m a great garage sale shopper, but I’m not. The truth is that I can rarely get out of the house in time to find the best stuff at a garage sale. By the time I’m ready, I figure most of the good stuff is gone, so I just don’t go. But one day I saw a sign in the neighborhood and decided to act on it. The sign mentioned something about antiques and that piqued my interest. Jeff and I followed the signs around the neighborhood and finally came upon a treasure.

It was a lady who used to own an antique store selling a ton of items in her front yard. There were some nice, expensive pieces, but I had my eyes on the cheapos.

So I found these 3 vintagey items and made my way to the seller hoping I could get a deal. The lady was oohing and ahhing over Graham. She even asked to hold him. And I of course thought I could do a little negotiating. That’s why God gave us cute babies, right? She wouldn’t budge much. I guess I was a little inexperienced with the whole bargaining thing, and she could probably tell. How could she not go down on her prices when I was letting her, a complete stranger, hold my baby?

Not sure what this was supposed to be, but I use it to hold magazines.
I still got a deal (or so I thought), and now I have a few cool pieces to add to my home. I could really get into this whole garage sale thing if I always found stuff like this!

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One Response to “Jen’s Regular Friday Post: Bargaining with a Baby”

  1. Megan Says:

    Clearly I am not a good bargainer. Today I went to a yardsale, being pregnant and all, and had my eye on some baby stuff. The yard sale was over and they were literally packing everything up to take it to Goodwill. So I told them about my due date, that I was having a boy etc, hoping they would give me a few things, since they were about to donate it anyway. Nope. They still asked for a couple of dollars for a baby bathtub. I handed them a fistful of coins, it’s all I had. Oh well.

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