Lydia, Oh Lydia, Oh have you met Lydia!!!

My name is Lydia.

(photo by Sundin Photography)

I’m originally from the East Coast, but have been living in Southern California for almost 8 years.

I still feel like I’m visiting.

I married my husband in October of 2005 and have loved every moment ever since we got hitched. With the married life has come many excuses to cook and bake. I have always loved to cook and bake, beginning as a little girl with bowl-cut hair and buckteeth. I believe it started in my Grandmom Ruth’s kitchen, at the age of 7 or so, baking chocolate chip cookies.

I have never looked back, but I have grown out my hair and gotten braces. Thank the Lord!!

Along with cooking and baking, I have always loved art. I don’t like using the word, “crafts”, but I guess I like them too. “Crafts” remind me of those cheesy projects you’d do at summer camp with dried macaroni noodles and yarn.

In the Spring of 2007, after a long few years of schooling, I graduated from San Diego State University in Liberal Studies (basically Elementary Education) with a specialization in Studio Art.

I have had many dreams in life. One was to be an Elementary School teacher, another was to be an Elementary Art teacher,… I’ve always wanted to be a chef, pastry chef, or baker,….on top of that, I’ve always wanted to make invitations and announcements for special events, stationery for those who appreciate the handwritten note, and selling crafty things I make.


I always wanted to get married, be a wife, and have lots of cute little kids.

(photo by Sundin Photography)

Well,…to date, I have gotten married, plan on having kids sometime soon gave birth to our precious daughter, Ruby, in March of 2009,  teach taught art classes to children through Young Rembrants, cook alot, bake a lot, and am in the beginning stages of starting started my invitation business in the spring 2007. You can check it out at my invitation site, Lydia’s Pen and Paper.

I started this site hoping to share my cooking, baking, and artsy experiences with you. It has morphed into not only cooking, baking, and crafty things, but is now a way for me to showcase my latest creations through Lydia’s Pen and Paper.

I hope you enjoy it!! Thanks for checking out my site,…I’m glad you came.

If you’d like to contact me via email you can at

Love from my Cozy Corner,


7 Responses to “Lydia, Oh Lydia, Oh have you met Lydia!!!”

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  4. Seth Says:

    if you open a cafe…I’ll move out there and work for you…
    i’ve started making some food myself…
    specialties are breakfast and meat related dinners…

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  7. Stacy Says:

    Such a lovely blog, your ladybird birthday party is the cutest…I’ve featured it on my blog post about homemade piñatas…take a little look…

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