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In honor of the Eagles,…

January 13, 2009

I had to post this,… especially in honor of the Philadelphia Eagles latest victories.

While I have lived in San Diego for 6+ years where everyone seems to root for the Chargers and Padres, I have to admit that my love for sports is a bit pathetic. I can get excited about sports, but honestly, I’m one of those people that jumps on the bandwagon late in the season when the team I want to win is, indeed, winning. Basically, the only time I can get excited about sports is when the team is a PHILADELPHIA team. There, I said it. Sorry San Diego peeps,… I’ll root for the Chargers, but when they come up against the Philadelphia Eagles, I’ll always go back to my hometown team.

Now, the men in the my family are a different story. They cheer for each Philadelphia team, nonstop. They shed tears of joy and tears of sadness. If one of their beloved Philly teams loses, the whole family bears the brunt of their frustration and grief for the rest of the day. No kidding. Sadly and thankfully, I don’t bear their burdens as much since I now live on the west coast, but I do share in their pride and excitement in others ways…


Like planning to dress my sweet little girl in this EAGLES cheerleading outfit!!! I’m sorry, but is this not the cutest little outfit?! While I was home on the East Coast for Christmas, my mom handed this to me saying that my dad had picked it out for our little baby girl growing inside my belly. Is it not too cute? Can’t you just see her hair in little pigtails with green and black ribbons tying them together?! I love it! And, doesn’t it just make it all the cuter that my dad picked it out…?!?!


And oh my,…it will make my dad proud when he sees our little girl wearing it. I can’t wait to put it on her next season! So cute!


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